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Forester is your one-stop shop. We can do your entire trim package.

Glued Advantages
We can glue together nearly any profile with a width and depth greater than 2" square. Our Taylor glue racks can handle parts up to 20' long.

Glue-ups increase stability, provide strength, and prevent warping. With this process, we can provide butcher block material, stair treads, wainscoting and paneling in most thicknesses and widths.

We have produced several custom-built mantels that customers have designed themselves. In many cases we have glued these in our factory and matched them to the existing mouldings, or according to the customer specifications.

Our Taylor Glue Clamp carrier allows us to easily and consistently create the highest-quality laminated product.


Curved mouldings, arches, and custom millwork by Forester Millwork.

Custom mouldings from our standard profiles to your own designs.

Custom wood products including complete trim and stair packages.

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