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Our attitude toward our customers: do whatever it takes!

Our Technology and Your Creativity
Our in-house tooling facility allows us to create custom knives to manufacture your designs to exacting specifications, with superior repeatability. Unlike many smaller shops, we do not have to wait weeks for tooling manufacture and repair!

Regular Maintenance Ensures Consistency
Having a full machine shop on site allows us to maintain our tooling more often, ensuring less down time and more accurate results within each moulding run. We guarantee that each run of moulding will match exactly, from beginning to end. Perfect corners are easy when you start with consistent mouldings!

At Forester Moulding, our advanced toolmaking capabilities allow us to produce products that are consistently true to their specifications.

Technology Translates to Machinery
A combination of CAD resources and the latest technique in cutting templates allows us to not only match virtually any existing moulding, but to be able to use the saved template to repeat a run in the future with the same results as the current product.

Forester's Inside Sales team is ready to assist you.

We make our own tooling, saving cost and lead time. We also sharpen our tools more often, for improved repeatability.

Custom wood products including complete trim and stair packages.

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