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Physical and Electronic Samples
Our goal is to make visualization of your finished job as complete as possible.

We can provide two different kinds of samples:

  • Virtual samples! We can create 3-D renderings of the profile or assembly you're interested in, free of charge. These 3-D drawings can help you visualize what the finished project will look like.
  • Small physical samples! When available, we will provide a small piece (3-4 inches) of the Forester Moulding profiles you'd like to see, free of charge.

Longer physical samples! For a nominal cost (the cost of moulded material plus set-up fees) we will gladly provide a 8' section of any of our Forester Moulding profiles for you. These are ideal for creating "mock-ups" of the entire moulding assembly. We'll even refund the set-up charges when you are ready to place the full moulding order with us!

Please contact us with your sample requirements today!

Forester's Inside Sales team is ready to assist you.

We make our own tooling, saving cost and lead time. We also sharpen our tools more often, for improved repeatability.

Custom wood products including complete trim and stair packages.

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